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At Prestige Pest Unit & House Wash, we are committed to green pest control services.  An eco-friendly pest control approach avoids using harsh chemicals when removing mosquitos and other pests. When bugs and other pests take over your yard, it can be challenging to enjoy the great outdoors. Our staff understands the importance of the environment's health, and we are committed to taking the safest approach. With green pest control, you can lengthen your property's health and provide a safe environment for your family and friends. 

We strive to be mindful of the environment and ensure that we safely reduce pests in your lawn and provide top-rated customer service. Our team will keep you updated throughout the course of the project, so you are informed.  If you are looking for an eco-friendly approach to pest control, look to the team at Prestige Pest Unit & House Wash. 

Benefits of eco-friendly pest control

Your backyard is your outdoor oasis to enjoy family-time, outdoor sports, parties, and relaxation. When your yard is full of mosquitos and other pests, it can ruin any plans that you have. Our team is knowledgeable about the different types of pests that can invade a yard and use natural techniques to remove them. Eco-friendly pest control is just as effective as traditional pest control and offers a wide range of benefits. With a green approach, not only can you benefit from a yard without any pests, but you can also have the peace of mind that your family is safe from any potent chemicals. Below, we break down a few of the top benefits of eco-friendly pest control. 

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Safe for non-pests and pets

The safety of your family, including your pets, is the top priority. A natural, green approach removes pests safely from your property so everyone in your home can enjoy the backyard. Certain insects contribute to property and are suitable for the environment and ecosystem. Toxic chemicals can pose a threat to your pets and insects that are good for the earth, making a green approach better for the long-term. With a natural process, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog or cat will not ingest harmful of potentially deadly chemicals.

Preserves surrounding landscape

As your landscape is your investment, it's essential to take good care of it so it lasts for years to come. More traditional pest control methods require multiple applications over time. With a traditional approach, you are exposing your landscape, home, and family to chemicals that are hazardous. Often, these chemicals can wreak havoc on your grass, bushes, flowers, and other plants in your yard. 

As an eco-friendly approach avoids these chemicals, you can have peace of mind that your outdoor sanctuary is protected and flourishing.

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No harsh chemical smell

One of the most significant benefits of an eco-friendly approach is the lack of intense scents after a pest control service. Traditional pest control often uses chemicals with a very abrasive and strong scent that can permeate throughout your yard and home. As these products have chemicals, often, these scents can linger and make for a less than pleasant smell. Eco-friendly methods use natural ingredients, which do not produce a foul scent and are safe for your family and pets to breathe in. 

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